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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Burlap Spring Wreath Tutorial

If you want a 10 minute wreath under 10 dollars read this tutorial. I promise.. even if you are not super crafty you can do this project with ease. I came across an upcycled wreath tutorial a few weeks ago and was determined to make something similar for my door. This wreath from the Infarrantly Creative Blog was my inspiration....

I started by going to a local craft store and picking up my supplies

You will need the following...

-hot glue gun (glue sticks)
- Styrofoam wreath
- fabric of choice
- silk flowers or fabric for fabric flowers
- grosgrain or silk ribbon
- scissors

My fabric of choice was burlap. I love the country cottage feel from this fabric and thought it would give my wreath a lot of texture. Since my front door is chocolate brown I picked a light hue of burlap so there would be more contrast.
First I took my burlap {I bought 1.5 yards and had a little left over}and cut it into 3 inch strips. Then I put a line of hot glue on the end of my first strip and applied the fabric on the wreath. I wrapped the burlap around my wreath until the strip ended and glued the end to the wreath.

I then repeated the same process with my remaining strips of fabric. I ended up covering the wreath with two layers so you could not see any of the green foam through the burlap.

After I was finished wrapping my wreath with the fabric I searched my house for a few silk flowers I could glue on. Luckily I had a full vase of hydrangea's that had a few blossoms to spare so I picked a few flowers off and glued them onto my wreath.

After I glued all my flowers on I cut a few 1 inch strips with my leftover burlap. I folded and glued and made a few burlap accents that I tucked in with my hydrangeas.
This wreath can be made with fabric flowers, silk flowers or even pine cones.. the fabric and decor choices are endless.

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  1. I LOVE this!! Great job :) The door looks awesome! This friend may have to use this fabulous idea. Thanks!